Beads, Grain and Women Who Whiskey

Are we already half way through March?! We ended February on a positive note, closing it out with our Mardi Gras Party! I wasn’t anticipating a huge turn out, but was pleasantly surprised with [...]

Beads, Booze and Children’s Books

So here we are in February and we are still going strong at the distillery. I used to say that our events season runs from September to November where we travel to events to do tastings and [...]

Cocktail Classes and Kids

Don’t worry, the title doesn’t mean what it implies! That would be something though. Coming off of the holidays we are still keeping busy at the distillery. Naturally, we ran a hot toddy special [...]

Do I even work?

There has been a buzz in the air the past few weeks at the distillery leading up to the holidays. And I do mean to use the word “buzz” in all forms 🙂 It has been exciting and insanely busy. I’m [...]

Long time, no see

Well the summer certainly flew by…and well I guess Fall and now we’re into winter…. Yikes, bad WigglyGirl for not posting. BUT I do have some fantastic updates though! Worth the wait, right? Our [...]

Memorial Day has already come and gone! Thanks again to all of our service men and women who have served and have given us our freedom. Phew! Despite the rainy end of the holiday we had quite a [...]

Aren’t they beautiful? The sun really does bring out good spirits. Cheers

So after so much hard work and preparations from many different hands we have opened our new location, the Wiggly Barn! We haven’t announced a grand opening quite yet, but when the sign says open [...]

So we are in year three of our distillery endeavor and have been lucky enough to be able to expand to a larger location. Yes, bigger is better. We are working on an old barn that has charisma, [...]

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