Grapefruit Gin Gimlet

Grapefruit Gin Gimlet 1.5oz Wiggly Bridge Gin 2oz grapefruit juice (Natalie’s is best) 1oz 1:1 simple syrup Grapefruit peel, As Garnish Add all ingredients to tumbler. Fill ¾ of the way full with [...]

Pomegranate Cosmo

Pomegranate Cosmo 2.5oz Wiggly Bridge Vodka 1oz POM juice .5oz simple syrup 1 Orange wheel Lime wheel, as garnish. Chill martini glass.. Add all ingredients to tumbler (squeeze orange for juice [...]

Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic 1.5oz Wiggly Bridge Vodka Choice of soda or tonic Choice of garnish Add vodka to clean rocks glass. Fill with ice, top with soda water or tonic. Add garnish.

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum 2 oz Small Barrel Rum 2 scoops creamed butter Hot Water Start kettle. Add rum and butter to hot cocktail mug. Top with hot water and stir until butter mixture is fully dissolved. [...]