Beads, Grain and Women Who Whiskey

Are we already half way through March?!  We ended February on a positive note, closing it out with our Mardi Gras Party! I wasn’t anticipating a huge turn out, but was pleasantly surprised with [...]

Beads, Booze and Children’s Books

So here we are in February and we are still going strong at the distillery. I used to say that our events season runs from September to November where we travel to events to do tastings and [...]

Cocktail Classes and Kids

Don’t worry, the title doesn’t mean what it implies! That would be something though.  Coming off of the holidays we are still keeping busy at the distillery. Naturally, we ran a hot toddy special [...]

Distiller’s Slate

We are slowly starting to add some food options to our menu at Wiggly Bridge Distillery. We are starting out with things that are delightful to munch on while you enjoy one of our hand crafted [...]

Shovelers Serum

Not only is hot-chocolate a wintertime staple, but it’s a special treat to come inside to enjoy after shoveling, plowing or playing! At the distillery we have created the Shovelers Serum [...]

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