Memorial Day has already come and gone! Thanks again to all of our service men and women who have served and have given us our freedom.

Phew! Despite the rainy end of the holiday we had quite a spectacular weekend. Time to catch our breath before the ramp up of school vacation and tourists flooding York, ME to enjoy our beautiful town. And drink whisky of course. That always helps.

The still at the Wiggly Barn is up and running! We ran into a few snags with some leaks here and there, but we are now in tip top shape and ready to make some hooch! This week/end we have filled bottles and are packaging them up to send throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Some really exciting news is that we will be distributed in Massachusetts sometime in July! We have lots of friends down that way so we are incredibly excited they will have the opportunity to drink our spirits in their own backyard!

Probably my most favorite news to share is that we will be releasing a GIN this summer! YES. I cannot wait to sit in the summer air with our own Wiggly Gin and tonic. It’s just bursting with aromas and flavors. Super super excited to see what everyone thinks.

We have a couple favorite events we will be at again this summer. Boston Jerkfest on June 24th and America on Tap in Elliot, Maine. We were slammed and had the best time at both events so we are looking forward to it!

We still don’t have set hours yet for the Wiggly Barn, but just keep an eye out for the open sign and stop on in!

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