So after so much hard work and preparations from many different hands we have opened our new location, the Wiggly Barn! We haven’t announced a grand opening quite yet, but when the sign says open people are free to come on in! The official sign is a few weeks out, so why not use a makeshift pallet sign? We hope to start production soon as we have some contracts we need to fulfill. Good things happening with the distillery, but we are at a pivotal time in our business career. It’s make it or break it and we need to make sure we keep our momentum up. We attended two distilling shows this winter, one in Chicago and one in San Diego. We took home awards for our spirits from BOTH shows. It is an amazing feeling when you put your heart and soul into something and other people appreciate it! 

We’ve hired a few people to work the bar and retail and will be getting that together in the coming weeks.

Summer here in York, Maine is crazy. Our original location gets a lot of foot traffic so keeping up both locations will be a challenge we look forward to dominating.

That’s all I got for now. Busy busy but hope you enjoyed the quick update.

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