So we are in year three of our distillery endeavor and have been lucky enough to be able to expand to a larger location. Yes, bigger is better. We are working on an old barn that has charisma, personality, functionality, and just plain awesome-ness. Just a tid bit of how awesome this place is are the old bottles that we dug up in the basement(Pictured above). The majority are whisky bottles which is neat.

This project has been a long time coming. We are going on a year of working on it. There are so many factors that are incorporated into this project and perfection takes time. We loved the feel of the old barn with all its personality just bursting through the walls, but we needed to be functional for our distillery needs. While trying to keep the integrity of its original presence we also modernized certain parts of it to make it functional. One of our many mottos is that we use old world techniques cohesively with modern techniques, and this barn is the essence of where old meets new. The guys (David and David) have done the majority of all the work and have worked tirelessly on getting this going.

At one point they toyed with the idea of purchasing a bigger Still for this location. They ultimately decided that they wanted to keep to who they were on doing most everything themselves and built their own still. As much as I wasn’t in favor of this idea, mainly because I knew I would loose my husband to the welding abyss, I’m so very proud of what he has accomplished. It was worth it.

We were also able to repurpose a lot of the old barn wood into some of the projects. I’ll have more pictures when we are cleaned up, but these will do for now.

There are so many little things left to be done, but those seem like the most time consuming. I am looking forward to posting some finished pictures! 

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