Awards and Accolades

award winning spirits

White Whisky

  • 2015 Best of Category- (ADI) American Distilling Institute
  • 2015 Silver Medal- (ADI) American Distilling Institute
  • 2015 1st Place- (ACSA) American Craft Spirits Association
  • 2014 Bronze Medal- The Washington Cup Spirits Competition

Small Barrel Bourbon

  • 2015 2nd Place- (ACSA) American Craft Spirits Association
  • 2014 Bronze Medal -The Washington Cup Spirits Competition


  • 2017 Double Gold Medal- Seattle International Spirits Competition

Small Barrel Rum

  • 2017 Gold Medal – The Fifty Best Spirits Competition
  • Ranked #4 Nationally by USA TODAY People’s Choice Award
  • 2015 Silver Medal- (ADI) American Distilling Institute

    award winning agave tequila

  • 2015 3rd Place (ACSA) American Craft Spirits Association

White Rum

  • 2015 Silver Medal- (ADI) American Distilling Institute


  • 2017 Gold Medal- The Fifty Best Spirits Competition

Platinum Agave

  • 2019 Best In Category – Seattle International Spirits Competition
  • 2019 Double Gold – Seattle International Spirits Competition

Reposado Agave

  • 2019  Gold – Seattle International Spirits Competition

Anejo Agave

  • 2019  Gold – Seattle International Spirits Competition

Awards & Accolades


It all started during a family dinner with a joking statement of “lets make our own whisky.” With their love for good whisky and fascination to see how things are made, a half-hearted joke turned a bit serious over the years and sparked the dream of bringing small batch spirits to their community. This father and son team decided to explore the idea. They researched and studied and some say obsessed over how to build a still and process alcohol.

Being fortunate enough to travel to the Caribbean they decided to build and operate a small hand made copper still on the island of Montserrat to put their research to the test. Turns out they were quite good at it and grew even more intrigued by the craft of small batch distilling. What they made rivaled some of their favorite brands with a bit of a twist.

Now, winning awards, they are beginning to realize they really do have something special. As they explore and develop new products they want to share them with anyone who wants to follow their journey.

Distillation Process

Wiggly Bridge Distillery was started with the belief that being small is an advantage. By utilizing long forgotten styles and techniques in building their still, every dent and angle uniquely contributes to the flavor of their spirits. Wiggly Bridge spirits are distilled from sour mash recipes in small batches using the homemade 60 gallon copper pot still. Yes it is a handmade, hand rolled, hand riveted copper still. Some would say it is a labor of love. They chose this route because it yields superior taste found only in authentic hand crafted spirits.

Things are going well and they are opening a second location in 2016 at 441 US. Route 1, York, Maine where they will be using the same process but with a hand made 250 gallon still. Here you will be able to watch the head distiller create his craft from a viewing window while enjoying a Wiggly Cocktail.

Father and Son Bios

father and son golfFather and son David and David, on a regular day, can be found working with the rest of the family at their other family businesses. Their passion for hard work is unprecedented. The Woods family is an old fashioned hard working, modest bunch who are not afraid to put in a good days work. Wiggly Bridge Distillery, like the other businesses, is family owned and operated and committed to providing quality products to our customers.

David Woods has always been self-employed and is the true embodiment of an entrepreneurial spirit. With several handful of business ventures under his belt, he attributes it to having a bit of ADD. He’s always thinking on how to improve or change the businesses he runs for the better. He has tried and tested many recipes and is always looking to make each batch better than the last. When he’s not distilling, or working on the new location, or stopping in at the other businesses, he enjoys spending time with his kids and 6 grandchildren.

Young David Woods (little David) has always been part of the family business starting at a young age. He knows that the family business is where his heart belongs. He truly is a jack of all trades and his current adventure is building Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s copper still. His welding skills are self taught as are most of his skills. He has a knack and tastebuds for tasting certain subtleties in the spirits they distill. When he’s not workingat the other family businesses or blending barrels for the next batch, he enjoys being home with his son and daughter.


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