Project #1 – The Orphan Barrel 
We lost this barrel for a while. We think the bourbon gods had something to do with it because by losing it, it has become one of the most delicious, smooth, and unbelievable barrels that has come out of Wiggly Bridge Distillery.
How does a barrel get “lost”? Here’s the story.
Barrel #303 had an entry proof of 107.2 and is made from our mash bill of 58% corn, 37% rye, and 5% malted barley. Two years went by from the date we filled it (6/2/17) and it was in a grouping of barrels that would be our next batch of Small Barrel Bourbon to be dumped in 2019.
When we tasted barrel #303 at that time, to our disappointment, it was disgusting, bitter and with a lot of heat. Not pleasurable at all. So, we didn’t include it in that batch and decided to skip over it and leave it out on the second floor of the rick house. 
For the next few months or so we got tired of tripping over it. A slot opened up in the ricks and we just put it there to get it out of the way.  A month or two later we were barreling rum and we needed that slot that we had temporarily put barrel #303.  Remembering it’s unpleasant taste we pushed the barrel all the way to the back slot and we forgot about it.
 Another two years went by which is the period of time that we age our small barrel rum and we pulled all the barrels to make our next batch of rum. Barrel #303 came up to be tasted and to our surprise that barrel was not rum! We had to go back and pull the logbooks to find out what it was and to our surprise it was 131 proof and the taste was unbelievable and it was extremely smooth. Pure delight to say the least. 
It was so incredible that we decided it needed it’s own bottle separate from our Small Barrel Bourbon batches – so would begin The Daves’ Special Barrel Projects.  We decided to call this one an orphan barrel (as the story goes) and would be Project #1 of the Daves’ Special Projects series. Project #1 is bottled at 130.55 proof. 
The label has significance and if you follow us on social media you see that  we use blue painters tape to label and make notes behind the scenes. We wanted to incorporate it in our bottle design to bring you as close to our behind the scenes process as possible. I guess you could call it Wiggly Bridge’s Blue Label – small batch style.
We wanted this bottle to be something that brings you as close as you could be to being in the rick house with the Daves’ sampling our barrels without actually being here with us. 
 It is unfiltered so if you see a bit of char from the barrel in there it’s supposed to be there. So we guess you could say that barrel #303 is actually a barrel in a bottle.   
This is a single barrel extremely small limited release as there are only 118 bottles.
Project #3 – Wine Barrel

Another barrel has stunned our taste buds and has earned its’ place to be released on Friday as Dave’s Special Barrel Project #3!
This project was born from an ex bourbon barrel that White Mountain Winery in North Conway, NH aged one of their dessert wines in. The wine was 50% green apple, 25% Maine blueberries and 25% pear.
The day father and son dumped barrel #572 the initial flavor note they enjoyed was a smooth mid pallet experience in the beginning. The blueberry notes kicked in after a couple of seconds which was accompanied by vanilla notes. This developed into a crumble flavor which reminds Dave Sr. of his mom’s blueberry crumble with vanilla ice cream. These notes engulf the pallet for several minutes and is a full sensory experience filled with robust flavor!
Stop by the distillery on Friday to snag a bottle of this Limited Release!
Project #2Wine Barrel
Project #2 is unfiltered, uncut and at barrel proof of 120.11. Like the Orphan Barrel, this one does not disappoint. 

Project #2 is our collaboration with White Mountain Winery in North Conway, New Hampshire. 
Over the past 5-6 years we have been loaning them our freshly dumped bourbon, rum or agave barrels that they have been making some unbelievable wines with. After aging their wines in our used barrels, we are able to take them back and use them again to incorporate these flavor nuances in our bourbon, gin and agave spirits.

Project #2 was a barrel that had a combination of 50% green apple, 25% red raspberry, and 25% pear in it. It produced a very succulent dessert wine created by the White Mountain Winery team.

When the barrel was returned to us we immediately filled it with a four year straight bourbon and then let it age for an additional period of time. The Daves, without much arm twisting, would check in on the flavor of the barrel often and chose the exact time to where they thought the nuanced flavors were at their peak. Voila,  Project #2 of the Daves’ Special Barrel Limited Release was born.

Upon tasting you’ll get a nice raspberry chocolate sensation that will linger on your palate for quite a long time.  It reminds Dave of a childhood memory eating his grandmother’s chocolate covered raspberries that had a little bit of raspberry syrup in them that oozed out as you bit into it. Just decadent. This barrel yielded 88 bottles, of which 37 are reserved.  The retail price is $129.99 per 750 mL bottle. 

Our Project 1 sold out in eight days and as we did with the Orphan Barrel if you can’t get to the distillery soon we will do a hold. Just give us a call at 207-363-9322 to receive instructions on how to do this. Those who have already reserved can pick up and purchase your bottles after 4/13/2022.

And for the legal print; as state law we are unable to ship products to our customers from the distillery.   We truly hope this may change in the future.

-Cheers Folks