Our Spirits



White Whisky

A Bold 100 proof spirit made from our bourbon sour mash. Comprised corn, rye, and malted barley. Our White Whisky is rested very quickly in our used bourbon barrels. This spirit truly opens up on second sip. The first sip should be small; just to wet your lips. The second sip can be a normal sip. You’ll be able to taste the sweetness of the corn and pepperiness on the throat from the rye.  It will be warm going down..




Small Barrel Bourbon

Balanced and complex flavor with caramel, oak, dried fruit, cinnamon, pepper, sweet tobacco,honey, and grain flavor. The finish is dry long and pleasant with cinnamon and clove.



Small Barrel Rum

Rested in our freshly dumped bourbon barrels. Our Barreled Rum is a very dry and complex spirit. The barrel dries the spirit out to an almost cognac style of dryness. It is mildly bourbon-esque on the finish. Makes a fabulous sipping rum.


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White Rum

Made from Caribbean blackstrap and fancy molasses both from the British West Indies. We use the dunder-pit fermentation method and the results are a very pungent traditional Caribbean style rum. It’s butterscotch nose is a bit deceiving, but it has a pleasant dryness and buttery mouth-feel. A great mixing rum for traditional tiki cocktails.



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Made from French wheat. A silky vodka with a very smooth long finish. Has a tenor of taste and a sweet-grainy nose. Leaves a smooth coating towards the back of mouth on finish.


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Small Batch Dry Gin

Gin Sour mash family recipe used in its whiskeys yields a light, subtle, juniper dry gin with a complex citrus finish.




Each expression is representative of the length of time the spirit has been aging.

The Platinum Agave spirit is decanted for about 14 weeks.

The Reposado is rested from 2-11 months in a barrel and is recognized by its amber color.

The Anejo, which is aged the longest of the 3, is aged between 12-18 months and is noticeable by its beautiful mahogany color. Each expression of agave has its own unique taste. You can taste the progression of the aging. It’s a complex yet refined spirit