Bottled In Bond

This spirit uses the same mash bill as our Small Barrel Bourbon with the distinction of being aged more than 4 years in 53 gallon barrels. The result is a 100 proof delight. Our Bottled in Bond Bourbon is balanced with sweet notes of caramel, clove, dried fruit, light oak, barrel char, and a stately finish that is very long lasting.

Small Barrel Bourbon

Wiggly Bridge Distillery Small Barrel Bourbon is aged for 4 years in new small American oak barrels with a medium toast and medium char.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Burnt Amber
Nose: Sweet Caramel, rich oak, toast, hint of fresh cedar, nutty, and cigar box

Taste & Finish:
 Balanced and complex flavor with caramel, oak, dried fruit, cinnamon, pepper, sweet tobacco, honey, and grain flavor. The finish is dry long and pleasant with cinnamon and clove.

White Whisky

Wiggly Bridge Distillery White Whisky is a virtually un-aged bottling of our sour bourbon mash, which is comprised of 57% corn 38% rye and 5% malted barley. It is bright, clean, and balanced. The corn really shines up front with a round, soft sweetness. Additionally, the rye lends a subtle spiciness to the spirit and the malt gives it a nice backbone. At 50% ABV, it drinks very nicely as a sipper or on the rocks.

Tasting Notes:
Color : Clear with an almost unnoticeable trace of tannins from the barrel.
Nose: Bright floral, grapefruit, light vanilla, bread, and corn
Taste & Finish: Sweet cooked corn, soft vanilla, white pepper, grace

wiggly bridge small barrel rum

Small Barrel Rum

Wiggly Bridge Distillery Small Barrel Rum is made with Caribbean molasses. It is our buttery smooth white rum that has been rested in our freshly dumped bourbon barrels for 6 months.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Golden Honey
Nose: Caramelized sugar, vanilla, and toasted oak
Taste & Finish: Butter up front, barrel in the middle with hints of tropical fruit with a mild bourbon- esque finish.

wiggly bridge white rum

White Rum

Wiggly Bridge Distillery White Rum is Caribbean molasses that is fermented and distilled in true Caribbean fashion. The Distillery employs the use of a dunder pit which lends their rums a unique butteriness and characteristics of the Islands.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Clear and neutral
Nose: Butter, butterscotch, leather
Taste: A true taste of the caribbean, loads of butter, essence of tropical fruit. Big mouthfeel that is coating and soothing. Loads of molasses with hints of raisin and cinnamon.
Finish: The finish is warm even heat with some delightful spice.

wiggly bridge vodka


Wiggly Bridge Distillery Vodka is distilled from French wheat. We are located in a summer beach tourist town and we had many requests to add vodka to our repertoire. In our third year of production, we gave it a whirl and it turns out we can make an outstanding vodka that is so drinkable that people are enjoying it neat.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Clean and Clear
Nose: Neutral with subtle light alcohols and essence of dried hay.
Taste & Finish: Round balanced, extremely clean, slightly sweet with hints of grass and hay. A soft, luxurious, and pleasing finish.

wiggly bridge gin



Small Batch Dry Gin

Wiggly Bridge Small Batch Dry Gin uses a sour mash family recipe that the distillery uses in its whiskies. This yields a light, subtle, juniper dry gin with a complex citrus finish

Platinum Agave Blue

The Platinum Agave spirit is decanted for about 14 weeks.

The nose is clean with some unsweetened tropical fruit like papaya and pineapple though the intensity isn’t strong. The palate is quite smooth, and the fruit found on the palate is more about a lime finish than the tropical notes found on the nose. Some roasted peppers show up upon further nosing and the finish expresses dried herbs.

tequila agave reposado


Reposado Agave Blue

The Reposado is rested from 2-11 months in a barrel and is recognized by its amber color.

Clean, fruity (pear, green apple cantaloupe) flavors are accented with a subtle hit of allspice, cardamom and cinnamon. A hint of green pepper enters the scene and leaves with a drop of vanilla, a sprinkle of salt and whiff of smoke. There’s just enough influence from the oak to give it character without taking over. Everything tastes fresh, well rounded and very easy to sip.

tequila agave anejo


Anejo Agave Blue

The Anejo, which is aged the longest of the 3, is aged between 12-18 months and is noticeable by its beautiful mahogany color. E

There is more vanilla and spice in the anejo over the reposado, with added orange and grapefruit peel, along with an earthy character. The extended maturation in our rum and bourbon barrels seem to add a flare of these barrel types.