Wiggly Bridge Anejo Old Fashioned

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Made with Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s 100% Blue Agave Anejo. It is sure to give a delightful spin on your old fashioned!

anejo Old Fashioned

Anejo Old Fashioned

The Anejo is aged in used bourbon and rum barrels. The extra maturation in the barrels adds a flare to the spirit that is quite enjoyable!

Check out the recipe below!

Wiggly Bridge Anejo Old Fashioned

2oz Anejo Agave
.75oz water
.25oz Agave Syrup
2 dashes of bitter tyrone
Bada Bing Cherry as garnish
Orange peel, as garnish

Methodology: Add Anejo, agave, water, and bitter tyrone to tumbler. Shake well. Double strain over large rock in rocks glass. Garnish.

anejo old fashioned


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