So here we are in February and we are still going strong at the distillery. I used to say that our events season runs from September to November where we travel to events to do tastings and cocktails and even host a few events at the distillery itself. Well now “events season” it’s proving to be September, October, November, December, January, February oh and we have a lot planned for March and April and well…I guess the whole rest of the year! It’s really amazing and exciting!

One of our newest home grown additions to our events is Distiller for a Day. I literally can’t schedule enough dates to fulfill the desire people have to do this event. It’s a small event where you get to work alongside my husband and father-in-law and actually DO the process of making bourbon from grain to glass! We keep it limited to 4 people so that you have a quality experience.

When my father-in-law says, “wear pants that you don’t mind getting dirty,” you can expect to get down and dirty. No Joke. You will haul the grain, you will take measurements, and you will bottle and then some. It is a jam packed day of bourbon fun.

Like I mentioned, it has become such a neat event that I have people contacting me from across the country to fly in and be a part of this. Our next date is in April and that is already booked as well!

We did a podcast with The Great Beer Adventure and although we don’t make beer there are some similarities in the process and well, there are beer cocktails that are all the rage these days. I had never been a part of a podcast before and I liked it! I’d even consider doing one myself one day!

a group of people standing in the distillery being taken around on a tour, listening to a man in a green shirt talking
a table filled with bottles and glasses, a wiggly bridge glass on the coaster and an orange cocktail in a tall glass

Earlier this month I got to do an event with one of my favorite ladies, Ashleigh. It was a 5 course dinner that promoted the importance of supporting local and sustainable producers while bringing the community together. I love going to these events because typically I’m behind the scenes orchestrating most of these types of things. I love being able to whip up a cocktail and talk about what I love most about what we do.

Not only did we provide handcrafted cocktails to dinner guests, we also paired a cocktail with the dessert. People really enjoyed it and it was the majority of the guests and chefs first experience pairing with a spirit. I love being part of that! It’s being part of something that’s new and fresh and most important local and family.

a woman behind a booth shaking a drink shaker and posing for a photo
small bowls and small drink glasses being passed around as appetizers
a bottle of wiggly bridge vodka in a pile of snow

On top of everything going on, a bunch of snow got dumped on our little town of York, Maine. Thank goodness we had our high quality measuring stick to see how much snow we got….about a Wiggly Vodka bottle’s worth. Yep, that’s how we measah up heyah in Maine ah-yah.


Ok I probably should get to the information that is the title of the blog. Beads and Boobs booze. Mardi Gras is just over a week away and we are having a celebration at the distillery. The clever tagline a few of us came up with was, “Come to our event and we will show you our booze.” Haha, I don’t know why but, it seriously is hilarious to me. Come wearing beads and masks and enjoy some cocktails and a few bites!


And lastly, the children’s book part you’ve been wondering about…

I have to take some shameless promoting time to tell you about my first ever soon to be PUBLISHED Children’s Book. It is like my 3rd child and I’m so very proud and thrilled about it. I’m in the process of approving illustrations and layouts and should be able to purchase the book titled: The Robot & The Ballerina which will be available for purchase March/April 2017. You can follow the progress on a facebook page I dedicated to it here:

This is something I work tirelessly on during any free moment I have from children or work. I’m too excited to put into words for this to come out and have in hand. I’m thinking of having a release party at the distillery! FUN!

That’s all for a bit. Cheers!