Founder’s Tour

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how our spirits our made and the processes we use.

You will be guided by one of the head distillers and get to see and smell what’s cooking in the production room while sipping on one of our hand crafted cocktails. We will take you from fermentation to aging and barreling of our award-winning spirits!

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Is there a rule that rum must be imbibed by the ocean? It just tastes better here. Especially when it’s locally distilled in hand-built copper pots by the father and son team at wigglybridgedistillery ⚓️ Savor this pungent Caribbean style rum neat or mixed into one of our classic cocktails 🧉 #mainespirits
•sippin’ on gin and juice• 😎
last Tuesday I tried new gin drinks at crowntavernmanchester with the pals from wigglybridgedistillery and on Thursday I reminisced about how this tasted like summer in a cup while snow was falling. now it’s Tuesday again. the snow has melted! and it’s opening day! so it might be time for another glass full of summer. and by summer I mean gin. stonefencebev 
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Took a team field trip to Wiggly Bridge Distillery (wigglybridgedistillery) to celebrate the launch of their new website, what a great space and experience!
6 Essential Rules For A Great Drink 

1. Use good ingredients… Everything from the spirits, to fresh citrus, to the good maraschino cherry matters.

2. Control dilution. Whether stirring, shaking, rolling, etc, you are adding water. Water is GOOD. Too much water is BAD. Proper dilution after adding ice helps with texture, taming sharpness and astringency, or harmonizing/drawing out flavors. 

3. Ice matters! Different sizes of ice vary in density & surface area. More surface area means faster & more dilution. Bigger/denser cubes dilute slower and impact the texture of the finished drink. 

4. Glassware is the drinks outfit, and one size does not fit all. Different rim thickness, tall vs short, stem vs stemless all impact the experience of the drink. A great drink deserves it’s proper glass. Glassware IS the garnish! 

5. Don’t let your drink over-dilute, sweat, and die while you take a thousand pictures. Take one or two and live with the results. Enjoy it at its peak, because it’s all downhill from here.

6. Just let us make the drink for you, because ours will always be better…

*Pictured above 

Cocktail- The PPK 
Winning cocktail of the wigglybridgedistillery Spirited Elixir Challenge 2024 featuring Wiggly Bridge Bonded Bourbon 

Mezza Filigrana Double Old Fashioned Glass- Locally designed & handmade by thirdlee_co & vitricca_iannazzi 

📷 by smalldoughco
Founder’s Tour

$49.95 Per Person

All tours give at our Route 1 location (Big Old Barn). Must be 21 and over.

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