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Learn what it means to be a true “grain-to-glass” distillery, the history and interesting details behind the creation of the Wiggly Bridge Distillery brand, and much more.

Distillery Tour

Pricing starts at $29.95

Book a tour with us and we'll make sure you are in good spirits, starting with one of our handcrafted cocktails. While sipping on your cocktail of choice you’ll learn about Wiggly Bridge Distillery and our operation as well as our distillation process. You’ll get the answer to the oh-so-popular question, "where does whisky get it’s color?", and go home with knowledge to impress your friends and family! You’ll end the tour with a tasting of our award-winning spirits!

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A trip through history

Founder’s Tour

Pricing starts at $49.95

You will be guided by one of the head distillers and get to see and smell what’s cooking in the production room while sipping on one of our hand crafted cocktails. We will take you from fermentation to aging and barreling of our award-winning spirits!

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A look behind the scenes...

Distiller for a Day

Pricing starts at $349

Learn the process of making bourbon from grain to glass. Not only do you get to work alongside the founders of Wiggly Bridge Distillery but lunch and tastings are provided. Space is extremely limited as we like to provide an intimate and engaging environment. “As a small business owner myself, I have the utmost respect for those who take risks to follow a dream. To you Dave and David as the day started I could see the passion, drive and commitment you both have for producing the highest quality product possible. My brother and I. as we talked after, were quite impressed with the knowledge you both had for the short period of time you have been distilling spirits and also with the fact that you made most of your equipment yourselves only strengthens the fact that your dedicated to your quest. Thank you again for offering such an amazing learning experience and for having us for the day” – Brian

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Cocktail Classes

Pricing starts at $89

Start off with a cocktail to warm up your skills, then learn (and taste) the secrets to composing a hand-crafted cocktail at home. You have the opportunity to mix up your own cocktail right at the Wiggly Bridge Distillery Tasting Bar while learning fun facts and history that will surely impress your friends. Taste our award-winning spirits along the way as we show you how to make a classic cocktail like a pro, whether shaken or stirred. Walk away with some delicious craft recipes and master cocktail composition and technique. Join us for a relaxed, fun-filled night of good company and fantastic spirits.

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Batch Blending Experience

Pricing starts at $89

This experience will assist in selecting Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s next award-winning batch. Learn about the nuances of bourbon tasting and what to look for when creating a blend. Taste for yourself how these different barrels come together to make a batch. Space is limited as we like to keep to an intimate group to allow for a deep-dive into bourbon blending. Be a part of the magic at Wiggly Bridge Distillery! The blending experience is typically held once a month on a Saturday. Sign up today and satisfy your taste buds.

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Really neat building, tasty choices. Great atmosphere

-Brian LaValley

Photo by:Jim Stansell


I know where we’re going for dinner tonight! 🍕 

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This weeks Drink Special! The Old Man Fashioned with @wigglybridgedistillery small batch bourbon.

Stop by for a flatbread and try out the drink special!
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Thank you @WigglyBridgeDistillery for partnering with us to raise $10,620 through the Greg Hill Edition Bourbon partnership! Cheers to a successful campaign.
Great day yesterday hanging out with the WildCheff Denny Corriveau at the 4th Annual Shriners’s Outdoor Expo.  Cheff Corriveau whipped up some mouth watering wild game dishes using our award winning, Best in 207, Maine made Wiggly Bridge Distillery Bourbon.

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•sippin’ on gin and juice• 😎
last Tuesday I tried new gin drinks at @crowntavernmanchester with the pals from @wigglybridgedistillery and on Thursday I reminisced about how this tasted like summer in a cup while snow was falling. now it’s Tuesday again. the snow has melted! and it’s opening day! so it might be time for another glass full of summer. and by summer I mean gin. @stonefencebev 
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