Keeping up with doing a blog post is a bit challenging with so much going on with the distillery! I’m going to make this one a quick one with a really awesome and notable update from the world of Dave!

Last weekend he participated in a collaboration with Man & Oak, Stave & Thief Society and Maine Spirits to do a full day Bourbon course and if he passed, he would become a Certified Bourbon Steward.

Great news! He passed! Phew! 😉 He is now part of a prestigious society in the bourbon world. Cheers to that! At Wiggly Bridge Distillery we make award winning spirits, so it only made sense for Dave to become officially certified!

During the day they learned: (from

*What makes a bourbon a bourbon, and how it is different from other whiskies.

*What the different descriptors of bourbon mean

*The science behind distilling and aging

*Identify Kentucky’s heritage brands and which distilleries produce them.

*Build a virtual flight of 3 bourbons demonstrating the relationship among the products, describing their characteristics and nuances with nosing and tasting notes.

*Accurate bourbon history, including Kentucky’s role in its creation.

Most of that is in Dave’s job description (if he had one) so naturally, he passed with flying colors! A huge thank you to Michael Meir for getting everyone together for this opportunity.

Dave enjoyed it so much that we will be offering the Bourbon Certification at the Wiggly Bridge Distillery this spring for Bourbon Lovers of all ages…well starting at 21 and up. Look out for updates as we get closer to spring!

With that, I’ll end on the Stave & Thief Society’s Official Trailer! Cheers! ~ Amanda