Barrel Aged Coffee- A spirited Collaboration

Barrel Aged Coffee- A spirited Collaboration

York, Maine – April 6th – ​Wiggly Bridge Distillery a local family owned and operated business that has earned a reputation for their award-winning, small batch spirits and local coffee roaster Anthony’s Small Batch Roasters, also a local family owned business have joined forces to combine coffee beans and bourbon barrels.

In a neighborhood collaboration to combine individual passions for small batch bourbon and coffee these two successful local family business owners are excited to give you something unlike you’ve experienced on the seacoast.

“At Wiggly Bridge Distillery we enjoy working with local businesses and this idea was exciting. A long time ago, coffee was actually traded and shipped across oceans using barrels, so this really isn’t something new. What is unique is that we are aging the green (unroasted) beans in a used​ bourbon barrel. Green beans are very porous and pick up the aroma and flavors in the barrel, it’s really awesome” says Amanda Woods, director of Marketing for Wiggly Bridge Distillery.

Using Anthony’s green (unroasted) Peruvian Organic beans they were put in a used 30 gallon Wiggly Bridge Bourbon Barrel (white oak barrel). The green beans were aged in the barrel over time with the barrel being turned every now and then.
“We originally tried a small batch of coffee in a smaller barrel, we weren’t quite sure if the end product would be any good and didn’t want to go all-in on an unknown result. We emptied the smaller barrel and handed it off to Anthony’s Small Batch Roasters to do their thing. The result was a unique coffee with distinct flavor notes. Mark and I decided to move forward with aging a larger quantity” remarks Dave Woods, founder of Wiggly Bridge Distillery.

The barrel is stored in the root cellar of the old barn where the distillery makes/ages their award-winning spirits and picks up the Angels Share (the amount of alcohol that is lost to evaporation when the liquid is being aged in oak barrels) of the barrel room. The beans are then roasted to a light espresso roast. The coffee is not going to taste like bourbon, but rather the beans will have picked up some of the flavor that the barrel(s) give off creating a VERY unique coffee and adds richness and complexity to the bean. This is NOT your typical morning cup of coffee, but one to enjoy with the company of others. “Our family traditions run deep. Our fathers knew and respected each other. Our fathers would be very proud knowing we have joined

forces to work together and give the local community something unique” says Mark Graziano, owner Anthony’s Small Batch Roasters.
The Hand Crafted Barrel Aged Coffee is now available in limited quantities at either location. Wiggly Bridge Distillery and Anthony’s Small Batch Roasters not only had a goal of creating a unique coffee, but also to create an experience. Cheers!

About Wiggly Bridge Distillery:

The idea to make craft spirits all started when David Woods and his son, Dave joked “let’s make our own whisky” over a family dinner. Since then the father-son team have taught themselves how to fabricate their own copper stills by watching YouTube videos and developed craft spirits based on techniques they learned from reading books from the 1800s. From hobby to obsession to profession, the Woods family has created award-winning spirits, which include their small barrel bourbon, white whisky, small barrel rum, white rum, vodka and gin with an agave release in the next few months. The first Wiggly Bridge Distillery opened in 2012 in York Beach, Maine and in 2016 the family added a second, larger distillery on Route 1 in York.

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About Anthony’s Small Batch Roasters:

Since the beginning, Anthony’s has evolved into one of the most iconic establishments on the seacoast, housing a fully equipped and staffed kitchen that includes a state of the art Wood-Stone Fire-Deck pizza oven, and a fully staffed and equipped scratch bakery. 2014 brought a new venture. After pioneering the sale of micro roasted coffee in Southern Maine, we decided to “do it ourselves” and opened our current café and coffee roasting facility along with our new brand Anthony’s Small Batch Roasters. ​All our coffee is now roasted on site in small batches and sold here by the pound and in a few select retail locations on the Seacoast.

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