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Wiggly Bridge Spirit

Small Batch Dry Gin

Our botanical blend is Croatian juniper, coriander, jasmine, orris root, angelica root and a bit of orange peel. This combination creates a soft and floral gin without the overpowering terpene flavor associated with most gins. Slightly sweet and balanced affording itself to non-gin drinkers.

White Whisky

A bold spirit made from our bourbon sour mash. Our White Whisky is rested very quickly in our used bourbon barrels. This spirit truly opens up on second sip.

Small Barrel Rum

This rum is aged in our freshly dumped White Rum bourbon barrels. The barrel dries out the rum spirit and imparts vanilla, cinnamon and caramel notes with a hint of butterscotch and oak. Enjoyed in any rum cocktail, but our favorite is warmed in a snifter and savored neat.

White Rum

Made from Carribean molasses. We utilize the dunder-pit fermentation method and the results are a very pungent traditional Carribean style rum. Its butterscotch nose is a bit deceiving, but it has a pleasant dryness and buttery mouth-feel.


The distillery is located in a summer beach tourist town and they had many requests to add vodka to their repertoire. In their third year of production they gave it a whirl and it turns out they make an outstanding vodka that is so drinkable that people are enjoying it neat.

Anejo Agave Blue

Just as champagne cannot be called champagne unless it was made in the region of Champagne, France, by law tequila cannot be called tequila unless it is made in Mexico.

Reposado Agave Blue

Wiggly Bridge Reposado Agave Blue is made from 100 percent blue agave, no sugar added. The blue agave plant, a relative of the aloe plant and its juices, is distilled into agave, otherwise known as tequila.

Platinum Agave Blue

Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s Agave spirits were released in the fall of 2018 at the distillery. At the 2019 Seattle International Spirits Competition, Wiggly Bridge Distillery’s Platinum Agave was awarded not only a Double Gold medal, but also the distinct honor and recognition of Best In Class.

Bottled in Bond

Same Mash Bill as our Small Batch Bourbon with the distinction of being aged more than 4 years in 53 gallon barrels. The results are a 100 proof delight. With a stately finish that is very long lasting.

Small Batch Bourbon

Balanced and complex in flavor with caramel, oak, dried fruit, cinnamon, honey, clove and more. Best served neat or on the rocks, this spirit also makes a wonderful egg-white sour.