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Beads, Booze and Children’s Books

a table filled with bottles and glasses, a wiggly bridge glass on the coaster and an orange cocktail in a tall glass So here we are in February and we are still going strong at the distillery. I used to say that our events season runs from September to November where we travel to events to do tastings and cocktails and even host a few events at the distillery itself. Well now “events season” it’s proving to... Read more »

Cocktail Classes and Kids

Two women working behind a bar counter, serving drinks and attending to customers. Don’t worry, the title doesn’t mean what it implies! That would be something though. Coming off of the holidays we are still keeping busy at the distillery. Naturally, we ran a hot toddy special for National Hot Toddy Day and made a video on how to make two types of hot toddys. A traditional bourbon... Read more »

Distiller’s Slate

image of the wiggly bridge charcuterie board, containing cheeses, meats, breads and fruit

We are slowly starting to add some food options to our menu at Wiggly Bridge Distillery. We are starting out with things that are delightful to munch on while you enjoy one of our hand crafted cocktails. Right now we have a Distiller’s Slate which is an assortment of meats, cheese, and bread. We love… Read more »

Do I Even Work?

behind the scene shot of photographing cocktails and spirits There has been a buzz in the air the past few weeks at the distillery leading up to the holidays. And I do mean to use the word “buzz” in all forms 🙂 It has been exciting and insanely busy. I’m humbled by the multitude of fans of Wiggly Bridge Distillery who have come by... Read more »

Long Time, No See

a man and his son driving a fork lift and moving a barrel from the back of a truck Well the summer certainly flew by…and well I guess Fall and now we’re into winter…. Yikes, bad WigglyGirl for not posting. BUT I do have some fantastic updates though! Worth the wait, right? Our first summer open at the new Wiggly Bridge Distillery Barn location went really well. We were busier than we could have... Read more »