Recipe Category: Whisky


Methodology: Cocktail created by Brian Catapang from Magnus on Water, Winner of Wiggly Bridge Distillery Cocktail Competition Add all ingredients to a mixing glass. Stir until mixing glass is cold to the touch, but careful not to over dilute. Pour into a rocks glass over 1 big clear ice cube.

Crimson Sidecar

Methodology: Chill coupe glass. Add all ingredients to tumbler and add ice. Shake well. Empty water from coupe glass. Double strain contents into chilled coupe glass. Using a channel knife, create a lemon twist and use as garnish.

Harbor Mule

The Harbor Mule (Wiggly’s version of the Moscow Mule) out of this Roly Cup!   Methodology: Add the whiskey and lime juice to a copper mug. Fill the mug with ice and top with ginger beer. Add mint sprigs for garnish.

Holiday Punch

Punches are perfect for parties. A large punch bowl is a fun and festive way to display your cocktail. It also allows the host more time for fun as all prep work is done in advance and guests can easily serve themselves. An added bonus? Punch helps to keep inebriation in check as the ice… Read more »

Whiskey & Gin Burger

Prep Time is just 10 minutes and ready in 20 minutes! Preparation Step 1. Form the burgers into 5 oz. patties and season liberally on both sides with salt Step 2. In a cast iron pan over medium heat, place each burger in pan and cook for 3-4 minutes per side. (directions for medium burgers)…. Read more »